Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! In Episode 14 Tom and Kip talk about media that makes us think of Infinity - Books, TV Shows, Movies - for your Holiday Season downtime enjoyment. Then we have our Naughty and Nice lists for 2014, and finally we catch up on some listener emails. It's all sprinkled with holiday cheer, and we'll be back in 2015!

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Carlos Llauger (Bostria) from Corvus Belli joins Tom and Kip for this episode, and answers all of our burning questions about Infinity: The Game Third Edition! As we enter the final couple of weeks of Hype before N3 is in our hands, Carlos shares with us some great information and teasers.

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In Episode 12, Tom and Kip rate the (two) November Releases, talk about what's coming out in December, and go over the last few morsels of news and rumors about Infinity: The Game Third Edition before it comes out in a few weeks. Then we chat about the Infinity Roleplaying Game, and announce the winner of a box of Operation: Icestorm from our 300 point painted army contest... as well as a couple runners-up.

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Tom and Kip talk about the background fiction for TAGs and offer some tips to help take better pictures of your minis.

Don't forget - painted army contest deadling is SOON! Get crackin'!

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MayaCast Episode 10: Alternate Factions for Operation: Icestorm

Tom and Kip offer up some ideas for using all the other factions in Operation: Icestorm for Infinity: The Game. Then we try some Alguacil Soup, courtesy of Juri!

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Tom and Kip discuss all of the new rules coming out of the latest Infinity Week from Beasts of War. N3 Is coming and the changes are very exciting!

Pre-Order N3 Now!


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Tom and Kip discuss the October Releases for Infinity: The Game as well as the upcoming release schedule. The hosts reveal a new format for MayaCast, and remind listeners of the 300 point army painting contest with Operation: Icestorm as the grand prize.

Pre-Order Infinity Third Edition!

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Tom and Kip review the September Releases for Infinity: The Game, let you know what's on the way in October and November from Corvus Belli, and talk about the news coming out of the Wayland Games Infinity Open Weekend. Observations after playing through Operation: Icestorm, contest winners named, and a new contest announced. Kip talks about Deployment, and we answer listener emails.

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Tom and Kip talk all the latest Infinity: The Game News and Rumors coming out of GenCon. New models for August, September and beyond, new rules, and everyone geting amped up for Third Edition of Infinity!

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This episode is all about Operation: Icestorm (as well as all of your myriad drink recipes)!

Tom and Kip discuss July and August Corvus Belli Releases, the Operation: Icestorm boxed set, and upcoming changes to the Infinity rules as we transition from 2nd Edition to 3rd Edition.

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June Release review, July Release preview, Burque Blitz Recap, "Ariadnan" cocktail, CONTEST!, Overlooked Skills. Infinity the game. Corvus Belli.

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MayaCast Episode 03: PanOceania, ARO and MDF

In this episode, Tom and Kip discuss May and June new releases, preview two new 3rd Edition rules, cover the background of the PanOceania faction and talk about Paradiso missions 202 and 203. Then we offer some advice for AROs and how to deal with Total Reaction, talk about painting MDF terrain and announce the winner of our painted miniature contest.

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MayaCast Episode 02: Infinity 3rd Edition and Paradiso 201

In Episode 02 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip talk about the announcement of a Third Edition of Infinity, and all of the news to come out of the FicZone seminars with Bostria. They cover the new releases for May, and review April's new goodies. There is a battle report of Campaign: Paradiso Mission 201, an informative hobby section, and a great contest for you to enter and win stuff.

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MayaCast Episode 1: Welcome to MayaCast

The Maiden Voyage of MayaCast promotes Infinity: The Game fandom, and focuses on the Rumble on Route 66 tournament and Adepticon events, as well as a review of the March Infinity releases and breaking the news of the April Infinity Releases. We talk about Warsenal terrain and Broken Egg Games tournament trays. Miniatures, Toy soldiers, painting and modeling. 

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