MayaCast Episode 02: Infinity 3rd Edition and Paradiso 201

In Episode 02 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip talk about the announcement of a Third Edition of Infinity, and all of the news to come out of the FicZone seminars with Bostria. They cover the new releases for May, and review April's new goodies. There is a battle report of Campaign: Paradiso Mission 201, an informative hobby section, and a great contest for you to enter and win stuff.

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MayaCast Episode 1: Welcome to MayaCast

The Maiden Voyage of MayaCast promotes Infinity: The Game fandom, and focuses on the Rumble on Route 66 tournament and Adepticon events, as well as a review of the March Infinity releases and breaking the news of the April Infinity Releases. We talk about Warsenal terrain and Broken Egg Games tournament trays. Miniatures, Toy soldiers, painting and modeling. 

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