In this episode Tom and Kip wrap up their initial impressions of N3 as they go over Retreat, End of Game winning conditions, Command Tokens, Hacking, Terrain, and our final thoughts. The show wraps up with even more listener emails.

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In Episode 17, Tom and Kip have some February releases from Corvus Belli as well as from Warsenal. Then, they continue to come to grips with Infinity Third Edition by delving into the Close Combat skills as well as the Weapons and Equipment. Then they wrap up the week by answering some listener emails.

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On this episode, Tom and Kip talk about the playtest for the Infinity: The Game the Roleplaying Game before devoting the bulk of the episode to talking about the Special Skills in Third Edition Infinity, and wrapping up with some listener emails.

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In this Episode of MayaCast, Tom and Kip rate the December releases, let you know what to expect in January, and start talking about the brand new Infinity: The Game Third Edition! This time they cover the basic overview of the product, as well as the basic core rules and Common Skills available to everyone - What has changed, and what they have noticed from the games of N3 that they have played. Just like everyone getting used to the new rules, and trying to break old habits, they will probably make mistakes along the way, but come join them on their path of discovery!

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