On Epsiode 26 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip badly pronounce a bunch of Asian-inspired words as we review the changes to the Profiles for Yu Jing in Infinity: The Game third edition. There are some event announcements and listener emails as well.

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In Episode 25, Tom and Kip go over the Infinity: The Game N3 changes in the Unit Profiles for PanOceania, and then answer some listener emails.

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In Episode 24, Tom and Kip answer a listener email and talk about the basics of list building before diving into the Profile changes for Aleph. Start planning and saving for the Dire Seas!


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In Episode 23, Tom and Kip rate the February releases for Infinity: The Game, and let you know what's in store for March. They talk about their time in Las Vegas during the Las Vegas Open convention, and Tom interviews his opponents from the weekend. There is an exciting announcement about a tournament on the high seas - the Dire Seas cruise event! Cruisin' For a Bruisin'...

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