Tom is flying solo on this episode of MayaCast, recapping his experience at the I-4 Invasion Dire States Event, including interviews with most of his opponents. As always, there are a bunch of event announcements, and a quick listener email with a painting question.

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Tom and Kip continue their Profile Changes series in Episode 33 with The Combined Army of the EI for Infinity: The Game. We have a new Listener Voicemail, some Listener emails and Event Announcements as well.

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In Episode 32 of MayaCast, Kip and Tom rate the April releases for Infinity: The Game, and let you know what's coming out in May. There are some Listener Voicemails and Emails, and of course, event announcements as well.

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In Episode 31, Tom and Kip talk about the changes to the Nomads profiles for Infinity Third Edition, and expand the topic by offering some unit analysis as well.  We announce all of the Events happening around the world, and have our first Listener Voice Mail!

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