On Episode 43, Tom and Kip recap the 114º In The Shade Tournament in Mesa, AZ at Empire Games. They also list all the Infinity Events happenng, answer some listener emails, and have another very special listener voicemail to share. 

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Tom and Kip go over two ITS Missions for Infinity: The Game by Corvus Belli - Frontline and Highly Classified. There are also some listener emails, and of course the list of upcoming Infinity events around the world. Don't forget about the SpecOps art contest, due before GenCon and the Q3 MasterGlass contest: Fireteams! 

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In Episode 41 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip talk about the new faction just revealed by Corvus Belli for Infinity: The Game... USAriadna! They talk about the models, the stats, and make up a bunch of army lists for the new Sectorial. They talk... WAY too much. Then there are some listener voicemails and emails, and of course all the Infinity event announcements for the coming months. USARF! USARF! USARF!

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In this episode, Tom and Kip rate the June Releases, and tell you about what's coming out in July (which is no surprise to anyone) as well as some other cool tidbits of information coming from Corvus Belli for Infinity: The Game. They announce the second quarter MayaCast MasterGlas winner - 3 winners, 5 honorable mentions and 2 random prize draws! Then they remind you of our current art contest, as well as announcing the Q3 MasterGlass contest! Then the boys wrap things up with some listener emails, and all of the Infinity events happening this summer around the world.

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Episode 39 of MayaCast is about the Special Terrain Rules section of the rule book, as well as the ITS Mission, The Armory. There's also a tasty beverage - The Kippuccino! You will have to wait one more week to see who won the Q2 MayaCast MasterGlass painting contest, though. Of course there are Event Announcements, listener voicemail, and listener emails.

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